Sunday, April 7, 2013

Writing Desk

Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers

Handmade Desk Curly Maple Curly Cherry
Writing Desk
made of solid cherry and curly maple
This writing desk is custom designed with a nice flow to the curved legs and great proportions that keep the larger desk from looking "heavy",  overall size is 72" x 32" x 30"

The tiger maple and cherry used for this desk are individually cut from the same tree to ensure perfect color and grain match throughout

Rough Tiger Maple and Cherry for this desk

Drawers fronts are solid tiger maple while they are constructed with hand cut dovetails

fine writing desk handmade
hand cut dovetailed drawers

Solid tiger maple top preparing the edges for glue up

Matt Wolfe Furniture Maker handmade writing desk
planing and smoothing the edges for glue up

Nicely figured tiger maple desk top 

handmade curly maple furntiure
nice solid tiger maple top

Desk with the top roughly sized.  We custom made and turned nobs and pulls so the client could see different variations. The client and I both agreed a nice low profile custom shaped pull would look the best.   This desk design is great because changing the wood type and or finish with a slightly different door pull can have a piece that is more contemporary or more traditional. 

handmade of solid cherry and tiger maple or curly maple
Custom Writing Desk 

Hand planing the tiger maple top 

Matthew Wolfe Furniture Maker hand planing a curly maple tiger maple desk top
Curly Maple Top

Finished Writing Desk

Cherry and Tiger Maple Writing Desk
Writing Desk

Fine Custom Desk Handmade Writing Desk
Writing Desk detail

Tiger Maple and Cherry desk
Hand Cut dovetailed Drawers

Curly Maple Desk Cherry Desk Tiger Maple

Fine handcrafted writing desk

Handmade writing desk custom made to order

Matthew Wolfe Furniture Maker

Watch our video showing the making of this Custom Writing Desk

                                              Watch out video of this finished Writing desk

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