Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Custom Side Chair

Custom Side Chairs

These custom side chairs are meticulously made with flowing curves and proportions that have a pleasing overall look and comfort, both features are essential in a great chair.  These chairs are made of solid walnut and crotch walnut.  Each chair is made from a solid piece of 8/4 (2” thick) premium un-steamed walnut for perfect grain and color match throughout.

master chair masters
walnut side chair

Solid walnut parts rough cut for a set of chairs

custom chair makers
chair parts rough cut

Hand shaping each chair leg

custom chair makers
shaping chair legs

Chair joinery fit on back legs and crotch walnut back splats fit before shaping

museum quality chair makers
chair making process

Shaping the back splats and crest rails

museum quality custom furniture maker
handmade chairs

Set of chairs ready for slip seats and finish

walnut side chair
walnut side chairs

Crotch walnut back splats

custom crotch walnut side side
crotch walnut back splats

custom chairs made in america
Custom Side Chairs

Side chair
Custom chair

handmade hardwood chair
chair detail

The crotch walnut back splats are cut from the same log, the overall look is unique for each chair because no two pieces of wood are the same.  

walnut chair makermatthew wolfe chair makermatt wolfe furniture makersmatthew wolfe furniture maker

walnut crotch back splatMatthew Wolfe Master furniture maker

 custom made chair maker
Side Chair

Chair maker matthew wolfe
Walnut side chairs

Chippendale Chest of Drawers

Newport Chippendale Chest of Drawers

This Block Front Chest is a reproduction of a chest made by John Townsend of Newport Rhode Island.  This chest is made of solid south american mahogany, the sides and top are made from one 21" wide board. 

Mahogany Block Front Chest
Block Front Chest

Flattening the solid mahogany case sides and top

handmade reproduction furniture
Hand planing the case sides

Hand shaping and carving the beaded drawer dividers 

handmade 18th century furniture
carving the drawer dividers

Shaping the block front drawer fronts

shaping the block front drawers

Hand cut sliding dovetailed drawer dividers with mitered beading

beaded drawer dividers on 18th century case
Dovetailed dividers

Hand-cut dovetailed drawers

making fine furniture
hand cut dovetails

Base molding and feet is carved and fit

making reproduction furniture
Base molding and feet fit

Carving the concave shell, the convex shells are cut from the drawer front, carved and reapplied 

reproducing newport furniture
carving the center concave shell

Top Drawer showing hand cut dovetails and carved Newport Shells
hand carved shells and dovetails
three shell upper drawer

Newport Block Front Chest is complete and ready for finish

Townsend Goddard Reproduction Furniture
Block and Shell Chest

Newport Townsend Goddard Chest of Drawers
Block Front Chest

Fine period reproduction furniture
block front detail

Reproduction Chippendale Chest of Drawers
Handcut Dovetailed Drawer Detail

Chippendale Mahogany Chest of Drawer
Chippendale Chest of Drawers

John Townsend Block Front Chest
Drawer Detail

mahogany cherry walnut tiger maple chest of drawers
block and shell chest

block and shell chest
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Custom Pedestal Table

Custom Pedestal Table

This  pedestal table is handmade of premium grade walnut. The solid top is made from two planks 24” wide each, it is book-matched to form an amazing effect. 

Finest pedestal table best hardwood walnut
Pedestal Table

The top two boards of solid walnut in the rough

The base joinery fit before shaping

custom table maker

The top planks milled and ready for glue up

handmade table maker

Cleaning and smoothing the surfaces before glue up

Hand planing the walnut top

Preparing the table top edges for glue up,  meticulously hand planing the two glue surfaces ensures a flawless glue up and a joint that is nearly invisible. 

Hand planing a walnut top

The fully round table apron is made by bent lamination of thinner strips of solid walnut.  Two parts are made seperately then joined together. 

making a round table apron

Shaping the table top edge profile

fine custom furniture making

Table top ready for finish

best furniture makers in USA

Pedestal Table ready for finish

custom walnut table
Walnut Pedestal Table

Finished Pedestal

Walnut Pedestal Table
Pedestal Table

Spectacular book matched top 

Pedestal table handcrafted of walnut
Pedestal table detail

 This Pedestal table was designed with a set of four custom side chairs.

Handmade Table and Chair
Table and chair detail

Amazing Book matched Top

fine custom walnut table
Book-matched solid walnut top