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Made of solid Walnut with carved Ball and Claw Feet

High chest with ball and claw feet

This Highboy or High Chest of drawers is made based on a few different antique examples made in Newport Rhode Island by John Townsend in the 18th century.  This Chippendale Highboy is made from premium solid walnut with curly/tiger walnut drawer fronts.  The cabriole legs end with hand-carved ball and claw foot.  The center shell is hand carved into the front apron. The shell is based on an original carving on a Highboy in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and Yale University Art Gallery. The Drawers are made with hand cut dovetail joinery and are constructed of  solid quarter sawn poplar, the drawer bottoms are made of one wide piece of solid poplar. 

Premium Hardwoods
Selecting walnut

Selecting the walnut for this Highboy at Irion Lumber

making reproduction  furniture
Making a Highboy

Case joinery fit with shell pattern made

carving furniture
Carving Process

Starting the carving process 

newport townsend goddard shell
Shell Carving

Shell carving process on the Highboy shell. This shell is based on two examples from Highboy’s  made by John Townsend of Newport Rhode island in the 18th Century.   One example is at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the other is in the Yale Museum.  

Making a Highchest of drawers
Highboy Build Process

Highboy with the lower and upper case joinery fit ready for the cabriole legs with carved ball and claw feet in the front and pad feet on the rear. 

shaping furniture parts legs
Highboy Legs

Legs are shaped and carved from solid 3” thick walnut

carving furniture claw and ball
Ball and Claw Process

Ball and Claw Foot process

reproduction master carving
Ball and Claw Process

Ball and Claw Foot Carving Process

caving a Chippendale foot
Ball and Claw Process

Ball and Claw Foot Carving Process

master carver furniture maker
Ball and claw process

Carving the Ball and Claw Feet

highboy cabinetmaking process
Highboy and Tiger Maple Chest

Highboy with Legs fit and crown and base molding completed

pierced talon and ball and claw foot
Pierced Ball and Claw Foot

This carved foot is slightly different from what is carved on the highboy, it has pierced talons and ball. 

handmade furniture dovetailed drawers
Highboy Drawers

Hand cut Dovetailed drawers are fit

Walnut Furniture Chest of Drawers
Drawer fronts are made of solid quarter sawn figured walnut from 

Queen Anne Highboy with ball and claw feet
Highboy before finish

Highboy with drawers fit and hardware installed, finishing process is next. 

Townsend Goddard Highboy with Ball and Claw feet
Highboy in Shop

- Finished Highboy with Ball and claw feet -
We make fine custom and reproduction furniture to order combining a meticulous attention to detail and overall quality with the finest hardwoods available to day. This combination gives our clients beautiful, functional furniture that can be used and enjoyed for generations to come. 
Contact us if you would like to discuss a future project. 
HIghchest of drawers

Newport Townsend Goddard Shell Carving
Shell Carving

Townsend Goddard Reproduction Furniture
Cabriole Leg with Ball and Claw foot

Reproduction Highboy
Walnut Highboy

Curly Walnut High Chest of Drawer
Curly Walnut Drawer Fronts

Custom Highboy with Ball and Claw Feet
Walnut Highboy 

Handmade Furniture with Dovetailed Drawers
Dovetailed Drawers

fine handmade furniture
Hand cut Dovetailed Drawers

Handmade Walnut Furniture
Curly Walnut and Brass

Newport style ball and claw foot
Pierced Ball and Talons

carved ball and claw foot Townsend Goddard
Ball and Claw foot with pierced talons

Master carved handmade furniture
Pierced Ball and Claw

Newport John Townsend style ball and claw foot
Ball and Claw Foot

Fine Handmade Furniture
Dovetailed Drawer detail

Handmade Reproduction Furniture
Highboy Ball and Claw Foot

High Chest Tallboy with crown molding
Crown molding detail

Queen Anne Highboy Chippendale

Monday, September 7, 2015

Tall Chest of Drawer

Tall Chest of Drawers
Handmade by Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers

Tall Chest of Drawers made of Tiger Maple
Tall Chest of Drawers

Handmade furniture maker

This piece is made of solid tiger maple from the same tree for consistent figure throughout. 

handmade tiger maple furniture
Tiger maple with case top with hand cut dovetails

Chest of Drawers and Slant Front Desk

Case with feet and base molding completed and ready for drawers

hand cut dovetailed drawers

Drawers are made of solid quarter-sawn poplar with hand-cut dovetailed joinery

handcrafted tiger maple furniture

Selecting the drawer fronts 

handcrafted dovetailed drawers

Dovetails cut and fit 

Handcut dovetail case top

Chest top with exposed dovetails is hand planed smooth before finish

Handmade Chest and Nightstands Tiger Maple

Chest with nightstands ready for hardware and finish

Reproduction Chest of Drawers and Nightstands

Chest and nightstands with hardware installed

Dresser and Nightstands

Finished Tall Chest of Drawers

Tiger Maple Chest and Nightstands

Reproduction Chest of Drawers

Tall Dresser

Dresser Crown Molding

Queen Anne Chest of Drawers

dovetailed drawer tiger maple hardwood

dovetailed chest top

tiger maple chest drawers

handcrafted chest of drawers hardwood

Watch the video for the making of this Tall Chest of Drawers