Thursday, December 4, 2014

Antique Furniture and Decorative Arts

Antique Furniture and Decorative Arts

In addition to the fine handmade furniture and antique reproduction furniture we make, we are now collaborating efforts with Harvest Doucette, Moriah’s mother to offer for sale Fine Antique Furniture and Decorative Arts.  Harvest has been collecting and privately selling Antiques throughout the New Hampshire and Maine areas for over 20 years,  we have been measuring, studying and admiring various Antiques for our work for some time.  Below you will find examples of  some of the Furniture and Decorative arts we have for sale. Contact us if you have any questions regarding a piece you see or if you would like some additional photographs.  You can also view our website for more details.  

Federal Bowfront Chest 
Tiger Maple and Mahogany cross banding on the 4 hand dovetailed drawers, 
Massachusetts or New Hampshire c. 1810
currently available $4700 with free shipping

Antique Federal Chest Mahogany
Federal Bowfront Chest 

Federal Chest of Drawers
 birdseye maple and mahogany drawer fronts with cock beading, New Hampshire 1810
Currently Available $3900 w/free shipping

Antique Chest of Drawers New Hampshire
Federal Chest of Drawers

18th Century Carved Welsh Dresser
Oak, carved, two part,  80” ht 72”wd
Currently available $6000 w/free shipping

Carved Welsh Dresser Oak for sale
Welsh Dresser

Federal Secretary Desk

Antique Federal Furntiure
Federal Secretary

Chippendale Slant Front Desk
Mahogany and Crotch Mahogany c. 1785
currently available $4200 w/free shipping

Chippendale Drop Lid Desk Mahogany
Mahogany Slant Front Desk

Federal Bowfront Chest
Mahogany, birdseye maple

Federal Chest birdseye maple mahogany
Federal Chest of Drawers

Sheraton Dressing Table
Cherry and Tiger Maple, 5 dovetailed drawers, mirror, 34” wd 
early 19th century
currently available $1900 with free shipping

Cherry and tiger maple dressing table
Sheraton Dressing Table

Chippendale Chest of Drawer
Cherry, TIger Maple, ebony string inlay,  Massachusetts 1790-1800
currently available $3500 w/free shipping

antique cherry and tiger maple chest of drawers
Chippendale Chest of Drawers

Antique Oriental and Tribal  Rugs
various sizes and styles

Antique Oriental Rugs Antique Tribal Rugs
Antique Rugs

Sheraton Card Table
Figured mahogany, reeded legs, D shape,  19th century
currently available, $2350 w/free shipping 

Reeded Leg Card Table ANtique Mahogany
Sheraton Card Table

Federal Mahogany Tambour Desk
inlaid mahogany, various inlays, c.1810
currently available $3800 w/free shipping
Antique Federal Desk Mahogany
Federal Tambour Desk

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Reproduction Side Chairs

Reproduction Queen Anne Side Chairs
Handmade by Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers

Original Queen Anne Rush Seat Side Chair attributed to William Savery of Pennsylvania circa 1750

18th Century Pennsylvania Side Chair Rush Seat
Original William Savery Side Chair 1750

Reproduction Queen Anne Side Chairs pictured with the original chair front left

Reproduction Chippendale Chair
Reproduction Side Chair with original Savery Chair (front left)

First,  full scale drawings and patterns are made from the original chair
Fine Custom Made Furniture and Chairs
Original Queen Anne Side Chair 

Lightly figured tiger maple is selected for the set of chairs we are making.  The rough materials are selected to match throughout the set of chairs.

Tiger Maple and Regular Maple for chair partsTiger Maple Chair process

The Legs partially shaped and ready for joinery

Fine Handmade Chair Maker New ENgland Made in America
Chair Legs

 The legs are shaped and detailed entirely by hand 

Chair Maker hand shaping chair legs Matt Wolfe
Hand shaping the legs

Legs with rear seat rails fit

reproduction chair making process
Chair Process

The chairs with back splats and crest rails fit, shaping is next

Handmade Reproduction Chair process
Original Pennsylvania Chair with Reproductions

Chairs with the shaping of the crest rails and back splats

High End Reproduction Chairs Queen Anne Chippendale
Reproduction Chair Process

Final shaping and clean up of the chair backs

fine custom made furniture highest quality
Chair back after shaping

Chair detail of the back of the crest rail and back splat

High Quality Furniture Makers
Back Splat and Crest Rail Detail

Laying out the rough maple blanks for the legs.  A pattern is made off the original chair and transferred onto the square blanks.

Antique Reproduction Furniture Process
leg blanks

The legs after rough cutting on the bandsaw

crook’d feet
chair legs

Final shaping of the legs is done by hand

Fine tiger maple chair legs handmade
Shaped Chair Legs

Turning the side and back stretchers is next

lathe for turning furniture parts
Lathe after turning chair stretchers

Stretchers turned, fitting the joinery is next

turned chair parts

 Chairs with stretchers fit

Reproduction 18th Century Furniture
Leg and Front Stretcher Detail

Queen Anne Side Chair Reproduction
Side Chair

Chairs completed and ready for finish and natural rush seats.  The shaped aprons are applied after the rush seat is complete

Queen Anne Chippendale Pennsylvania
Reproduction Side Chairs

Comparison pics of the original chair and reproductions. 
(The original chair had a repaired back leg where the side and back stretcher met.  The joinery was too close together weakening the leg, so we raised the lower back stretcher to avoid this on the reproductions)

Rush Seat Reproduction Side ChairsReproduction Queen Anne Side Chair

Pennsylvania Chairs comparisonreproduction chair

Chairs with a majority of the finishing completed. Now we will take them to get the natural cat tail rush seats before the final coats of finish are applied.

Pennsylvania Reproduction Chairs
Reproduction Chairs

These chairs are currently in the finishing process, we will have updated photos soon.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Trestle Table

 Trestle Table
Handmade by 
trestle table cherry tiger maple walnut mahoganyfine custom trestle table handmade to the highest standards

This Trestle table is made of solid tiger maple and maple.  The top and stretcher is tiger maple and is cut from the same log.

logs of tiger maple for a table
tiger maple log

The boards are selected and rough milled allowing them to acclimate to the shop before working

table top handmade custom furniture
tiger maple for top

Joinery is cut and fit before base parts are shaped

trestle table base before shaping
trestle base before shaping

Wedged mortise and tenon joinery 

wedged mortise and tenon joinery
wedged through tenon

Stretcher and wedge fit.  This table is made to “knock down” if you ever needed to move or pack it.

fine custom trestle table base
trestle table wedged tenon

Top is made and breadboard ends are attached.  Only the center of the table is glued allowing expansion and contraction. 

fine handmade furniture custom made to highest standards
tiger maple top

Tiger maple top cleaned up with hand planes

tiger maple furniture
tiger maple top

Tiger Maple top with breadboard ends

custom made furniture
table top with breadboard ends

Trestle table ready for finish

trestle table ready for finish tiger maple cherry mahogany walnut
trestle table ready for finish

trestle table tiger maple cherry walnut mahogany curly maple
trestle table

fine handmade trestle table
trestle table

wedged mortise and tenon joinery
wedged stretcher tenon detail

custom made table
Trestle table

Trestle table tiger maple top black milk paint base
trestle and wedge

custom tiger maple table handmade
Tiger Maple top with breadboard ends

 curly maple table top with breadboard ends
Tiger Maple Top

This Video shows the making of this Trestle Table