Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tea Table

Tea Tables
Here are two different examples of the tray top tea tables that we have recently made. Both are reproductions of Queen Anne Variations. One Newport example and one Connecticut. The Newport Tea Table is made of mahogany and the Connecticut Tea Table is made of Cherry.

Townsend Goddard Tea Table

Hand Shaping the solid mahogany Newport Tea Table legs with a variety of hand tools.

fine furniture maker
shaping the cabriole legs

Connecticut Tea Table Leg with a pad foot

cabriole leg with pad foot

Newport Tea Table Leg with a slipper foot

Townsend Goddard Queen Anne Furniture

Hand shaping and carving the tray top moldings to achieve the same profile as the originals
Fine Reproduction Furniture

Hand planing the solid, one piece mahogany top for the Newport Tea Table

solid mahogany tea table top

Newport Tea Table Top with molding fit

mahogany table top

Fine Reproduction Table museum quality

Musuem Quality Antique Reproduction Furniture

The Connecticut Tea Table Cabriole Leg with pad foot is on the right and Newport Tea Table Cabriole Leg with slipper foot is on the left.

cabriole leg with slipper footqueen anne tea table

This Connecticut Tea Table was custom made for a client who had a fine collection of antique furniture  and wanted a piece that doubled as a display case for some of his collection.  This tea table looks like an original but the removable tray top is glass. 

Tea Table Display Case

This comparison photos shows the original Queen Anne Tea Table on the right and the reproduction we made on the left.  The original tea table sold at Christie’s in 2005, for more information visit there website.

18th century furniture

This  Slipper Foot tea table was originally made in Newport,  Rhode Island by the Townsend Goddard furniture makers circa 1760, this example sold at Christie’s in 2005 for 350,000.  Details point toward John Goddard as the original maker. The original tea table is on the left and the reproduction we made is on the right. For more information on the original tea table visit Christie’s website. 

Museum Quality 18th century furniture

Below are our videos of both the the making of and finished Tea Tables .