Monday, July 14, 2014

Trestle Table

 Trestle Table
Handmade by 
trestle table cherry tiger maple walnut mahoganyfine custom trestle table handmade to the highest standards

This Trestle table is made of solid tiger maple and maple.  The top and stretcher is tiger maple and is cut from the same log.

logs of tiger maple for a table
tiger maple log

The boards are selected and rough milled allowing them to acclimate to the shop before working

table top handmade custom furniture
tiger maple for top

Joinery is cut and fit before base parts are shaped

trestle table base before shaping
trestle base before shaping

Wedged mortise and tenon joinery 

wedged mortise and tenon joinery
wedged through tenon

Stretcher and wedge fit.  This table is made to “knock down” if you ever needed to move or pack it.

fine custom trestle table base
trestle table wedged tenon

Top is made and breadboard ends are attached.  Only the center of the table is glued allowing expansion and contraction. 

fine handmade furniture custom made to highest standards
tiger maple top

Tiger maple top cleaned up with hand planes

tiger maple furniture
tiger maple top

Tiger Maple top with breadboard ends

custom made furniture
table top with breadboard ends

Trestle table ready for finish

trestle table ready for finish tiger maple cherry mahogany walnut
trestle table ready for finish

trestle table tiger maple cherry walnut mahogany curly maple
trestle table

fine handmade trestle table
trestle table

wedged mortise and tenon joinery
wedged stretcher tenon detail

custom made table
Trestle table

Trestle table tiger maple top black milk paint base
trestle and wedge

custom tiger maple table handmade
Tiger Maple top with breadboard ends

curly maple table top with breadboard ends
Tiger Maple Top

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Frame and Panel Bed

Custom Frame and Panel Bed
Handmade by 

Custom Bed Makers
Custom Cherry and Tiger Maple Bed

This Frame and Panel Bed was custom designed with the same aesthetic appeal as the Double Chest that we designed and make in custom sizes. This bed is made of spectacular solid cherry and tiger maple.  The cherry is cut with straight grain so to accent the vivid striping of the tiger maple panels that were re-sawn from a large 16” wide plank.   

handmade cherry bed
Rough cutting the cherry

 This bed is made with mortise and tenon joinery throughout for the superior strength. A custom hidden bed bolt system is designed for easy assembly/disassembly without the exposed bolt on the outside of the posts.

frame and panel bed in process
Custom Bed in progress

Every surface of the bed is hand planed smooth before finish

frame and panel bed
Queen Size Bed

Curly Maple and Cherry Bed
Curly Maple and Cherry Bed

Finished Frame and Panel Bed 

Cherry and Tiger Maple Bed
Footboard detail

handmade Frame and Panel Bed Makers
Frame and Panel Bed

custom made beds made to order
Headboard Detail

fine bed makers handcrafted in New Hampshire
Frame and Panel Bed

bed with asian inspired design arts and crafts mission
Custom Bed

Fine Handcrafted Bed with asian influence
Custom Made Bed

Monday, April 7, 2014

Curly Cherry Chest of Drawers

Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers

Museum Quality Custom Handmade Furniture
Curly Cherry Chest

This custom chest of drawers is handmade from a spectacular log of curly cherry.  Each part of this chest is made from the same log to ensure the grain, figure and color matches throughout this piece.  The chest design has clean lines commonly seen on Shaker style furniture. The decoration comes from a combination of exposed hand cut dovetail joinery that is seen throughout this piece and the spectacular wood. 

This is the curly cherry in the rough.  

The wood milled and the case sides, top and bottom cut to size. 

Curly Cherry Case parts

Hand cutting the dovetail joinery on the case

handmade fine furniture makers
Hand cutting dovetails

hand planing all surfaces smooth

hand planed chest of drawers

Mitered dovetail joinery on the feet/base

dovetailed base
fitting the dovetailed base

Mitered Dovetail Joinery

dovetailed base

Exposed Dovetail Joinery on the base

Cherry Chest of drawers

Curly Cherry Chest with drawer fronts fit

Fine custom Chest of Drawers

Fitting all drawer parts on two custom chests before cutting the dovetail joinery

Handcrafted Chest of Drawers
fitting drawer parts on two chests

260 hand cut dovetail between the 15 drawers

fine handmade furntiure
hand cut dovetails

Solid poplar chest back

Wide Poplar back panels
23” wide poplar back panels

Dovetail Joinery fit on the drawers

curly cherry
hand cut dovetailed drawers

Exposed Dovetail joinery on the chest top

handcrafted dresser
hand cut dovetail joinery

Curly Cherry chest is now complete and ready for finish

Custom made Chest of Drawers
Chest ready for finish

Turning the solid cherry knobs, the knobs will graduate slightly to match the graduated drawers

handcrafted cherry furniture
turned cherry knobs

Solid Cherry Chest of Drawers Dresser
exposed dovetailed case top

Custom Cherry Chest of Drawers
Curly Cherry Chest of Drawers

Curly Cherry Dresser
Curly Cherry Chest

handmade dovetailed base
hand cut dovetailed base

handcrafted chest of drawers
dovetailed drawer dividers

Custom Chest of Drawers
hand cut dovetailed drawers

Cherry Chest of Drawers
Curly Cherry Chest of Drawers

Cherry Chest of Drawers dresser
Curly Cherry Chest of Drawers