Friday, October 7, 2016

Tilt Top Tea Table

Tilt Top Tea Table
Handmade by
Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers

This Tea Table is handmade of Solid South American Mahogany with a solid, Crotch Mahogany Top. The design is based on original Tea Tables that were made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and also Virginia.  Hand Carved Ball and Claw Feet on shaped legs with crisp details and a spectacular, rare solid, Crotch Mahogany Top with molded edge.  This Tilt Top Tea table is currently available for sale through our website.
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Chippendale Tea Table For Sale
Dished Top Tea Table

Philadelphia Tea Table Post
Turning the Post

Wood Turning Chippendale Reproduction
Tilt Top Table Post Detail

Furniture Maker Wood Carver
Carving Ball and Claw Feet

Reproduction Tea Table Ball and Claw Feet
Ball and Claw Feet

woodcarving ball and claw feet
Ball and Claw foot  carving process

Custom New England Tea Table
Ball and Claw Foot

Reproduction Chippendale Tea Table
Tea Table process

Wood Carving Custom Furniture
Tea Table Detail

Fine Custom Furniture Makers
 Process in the shop

Pennsylvania Piecrust Tea Table
Piecrust and Dished Top Tea Table

Carved Chippendale Ball and Claw
Ball and Claw Foot

Philadelphia Ball and Claw
Carved Ball and Claw foot

Hand Carved ball and claw
Carved Ball and Claw Foot

Wood carving
Tea Table Ball and Claw

Table Building Process
Two Tea Tables in process

handmade tea tables
Crotch Mahogany Tea Tables

Through tenon joinery
Birdcages joined with Wedged Tenons

Mahogany and Crotch Mahogany Tea Table
Crotch Mahogany Tea Table

Fine handcrafted furniture
Tea Table Process

Mahogany Wedged Tenons
Birdcage Wedged Tenons

For Sale Mahogany Table
Crotch Mahogany Top

Fine Reproduction Furniture
Tea Table Birdcage

Mahogany birdcage
Tilt Top Tea Table Birdcage

Reproduction Mahogany Tea Table For Sale
Mahogany Tilt Top Table Top

handmade furniture
Ready For Finish

Round Table
Crotch Mahogany Top

Mahogany Tea Table
Tilt Top Tea Tables ready for finish

Preparing For Finish
Crotch Mahogany Table Top 

For Sale Chippendale Table
Back side of Tilt Top Tea Table

carved top
Carved Ball and Claw Foot

Mahogany Table For Sale
Mahogany Tilt Top Table Top

Chippendale Tea Table
Mahogany Tilt Top Table

Mahogany Tilt Top Table
Mahogany Tea Table

Reproduction Tea Table
Tilt Top Tea Table

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